5 Beverages That Are Healthy for Your Skin

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5 Beverages That Are Healthy for Your Skin

Whatever you eat or drink reflects on your health. One of the organs that indicates how good or bad your health is would be the skin.

You might have already noticed how you feel and look if you consume too much soda or coffee. Hydrate your skin by drinking the right beverages. Here is a list of 5 drinks your skin likes:

1. Pomegranate Smoothie
Pomegranates are full of acids. If your teeth are very sensitive, you should talk it into consideration. If your teeth are healthy, then we recommend you consume pomegranate smoothie. This beverage is rich in vitamin C known for its detoxifying properties. Pay attention to how intensive the color of the drink is: the darker, the better! Pomegranate juice and smoothie contain very high levels of antioxidants. According to experts, it is twice as effective as green tea. Drink pomegranate juice and you will increase the level of collagen inducers called fibroblasts. They make your skin smooth and youthful.

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